We follow industry standards to keep your lawn healthy, cutting no more than 1/3 of your grasses new blade growth with each cut and mowing at a height of 3.25 – 4”. We service lawns once a week to maintain curb appeal and health of grass. We practice alternating mowing direction when possible to avoid tire compaction, which can lead to rutting.

Side discharge mowing (where the grass clippings are left on your lawn) is best, as it allows the clippings to release nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil as they break down. If you prefer to have grass clippings bagged and removed from your property, we offer that service as well.

No mowing service would be complete without weed trimming all property borders and areas inaccessible to our mowing equipment. Finally, we air blow all paved areas and walkways of any lawn debris littered in the maintenance process. We strive to make your lawn the talk of your neighborhood.